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I told you the west was cool.

I have finally come to the realisation that my wardrobe is a fire-hazard, and will therefore be selling a pile of vintage (and second hand) men’s and women’s (mainly women’s) at the Rose St Market in Brunswick this Saturday (1/10) and next Saturday (8/10) from 10am. Just about everything is under $25 and there are all sorts of goodies, including 1940’s dresses, 1960’s maxi dresses, 1980’s men’s leather jackets, silk scarves for $5 and lots of shoes.
The weather this weekend will be craphouse, so come and buy lovely things, and keep me warm! Please let all your friends (or just the cool ones) know.

For those who have large allocation of discretionary spending and good taste.


Madame Virtue.

Lanvin, Prada, Hermes, Chanel etc. Everything on sale.

Chanel handbags half-price, Hermes scarves $250.

Opening hours and details via above link.

For an explanation on how things should be.

Oh oh OH how I wish I could go to Sydney for the weekend.

Rose Seidler House 50’s fair

Image source

 Always good for dancing.We cleared the floor last time…

Saturday 6th August

Bella Union (odd venue, reminds me a bit of a high school disco, but it’ll do)

Pierre Baroni

Richie 1250

The Manchild

Emma Peel

9 to late

Last night’s sunset was spectacular.

Adorably wrapped items from Strawberry Net. Hopefully the expensive Dermalogica stuff will help my rosacea. Then again, if it does, the Chanel foundation I bought may be rendered superfluous. Hmm. Should’ve thought that one through…

And what is surely the closest thing I have recently found to the ‘perfect’ red shoe. The right height, bright as hell, patent leather and leather lined, with an ankle strap. Just wish the toe were a bit rounder, and the heel a smidge wider. Alas. They’re my new pals. Joanne Mercer red heels, (reduced by over half price from when I saw them at the retail store), DFO, $99.

Mini shopping spree at Southern Cross DFO. Silk hair flower, ‘turquoise’ ring and ‘marcusite’ and ‘onyx’ ring, Lovisa store. Less than $20 for all items.

Were I not going to see sweaty, hairy men play hard folk blues in a claustrophobic sticky-carpeted venue, I would be going to see this.

And this should be a hoot too.

Men’s vintage fashion presentation

What: Short presentation on menswear of the ’50s and ’60s and a great Gregory Peck film “The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit” (1956)

When: 2pm Sunday June 12th

Where: Clemenger BBDO, Auditorium, Level G – National Gallery of Victoria International, St Kilda Road, Melbourne

Cost: free!

Starring Gregory Peck, this film addresses the American search for purpose in a world dominated by business. Proceeded by a short presentation, which will focus on men’s fashion during the 50s and 60s, featuring clips of the highly popular series Madmen.

Nicole from Circa will be presenting a short talk on dapper and stylish menswear to accompany the film.

This will be good too.

Go, but leave the good things for me….

This will be good.

Good enough to skip ballet classes for.

my new things to come  on etsy.

1960’s blue and white raindrops dress.

1960’s inspired red and white cotton mini dress.

1940’s inspired grey blazer.

Alanah Hill sale.

70% off at the outlet store until Monday 18th April 2011.

188-192 Brunswick st Fitzroy.

Flowers, lace, sparkles.

Good times.

If you’re able to go, don’t tell me how good it was.

Vintage Garage Sale

This Friday and Sat (8/4 + 9/4)

10am – 4pm

13 Parlington st Cantebury Vic

I now have an etsy shop. In theory, this means that I will be selling, not just buying things on etsy. It lives here.

Visit it. Buy things. So I can buy more things.

Note to self: Having someone at a cafe point out the artistic ingenuity of leaving a roller in your curled hair is not a good look if you didn’t mean to leave it there…

Saturday night with the most charmingly well dresses women (and 2 men!).

Lindy Charm School for Girls debutante dinner, at the Glenferrie Hotel. Bogans playing pool in flannel were well amused. We ate steak and gossiped, and then went to Gin Palace.

There was a lot of leopard print, nice shoes and hair pins.

Much fun was had, and I even forgot to take a photo of what I was wearing (50’s silver ballgown, matching hat, victory rolls, silver eyesharow, a rose and a brooch, backseams, silver and black suede shoes, gloves, 60’s swing/car/opera coat etc).

Lydia and Ms Chrissie

Maria and another fine dame.

Jeff, Maria’s man.

Rachel, Lydia and Ms Chrissie.

Things to do with $50.

(or how to spend your Christmas money wisely on unnecessary but yummy accessories).

Dusty fuschia canvas and cork wedges from Rubi shoes, $30. I am going to buy another pair and attack them in a ‘Irregular Choice’ shoes kinda way.

Crochet white gloves, Forever New, $5. New crochet gloves make me less scared of breaking them.

Pink pleather belt with bows (!), Forever New, $10.

Black canvas cutout shoes that remind me of Hepburn in ‘Funny Face’. Creme ribbons added for laces instead of the horrid black elastic, by me.  Rubi shoes, $5.

Sharon Jones was amazing.

When I am 50+ I would like to be strutting around stage with 9 musicians in a turquoise sequined mini-flapper dress, barefoot. Much fun was had.

A day out in Toorak at the Scandinavian Bazaar. Lush lawns and extravagantly oversized houses, Danish hot-dogs and a familiar feeling.

Invitations I made for a cocktail party I’m hosting. I love tracing papaer and brown string. Though not as much as this bird wallpaper I dragged back from Denmark.

Anyone in the need for a plastic-y wallet that will likely give you cancer, should try the bag shop at 420 Victoria st.

Killing time waiting for a gin and tonic with a friend, I bought a lovely red wallet for $12.50.

They have a basket of 50% off wallets inside near the counter.

There is a leopard print one too.

I am so restrained this week.

Today the importance of respecting the weather when dressing was reinforced.

I somehow still knowingly leave the house thinking that sure, that lightweight silk circle skirt will be just fine on a windy day. As with the widebrimmed straw hat.

My assumptions are swiftly proved wrong, and I then proceed to walk to work clutching the hat in one hand, whilst trying to keep my skirt from blowing up to my neck, with the other.

Thank goodness for decent underwear.


The recipe book published by the Hotham St Ladies collective on Saturday 21st. It has pictures of shaving cream and sprinkles genetalia, and recipes. You can find the ladies at

The menu for the afternoon. The passionfruit meringue was so good I dropped my spoon on the floor. And the jug of pink gin for 2 (consumed by moi – split personalities…) was equally delectable.

You may like to go to these.

This was what I spent 3.5 hours at with a friend on Friday night.

I was frightfully restrained in my purchases.

I bought 3 red carved bakelite bangles ($30), a peach cashmere polo short-sleeved crew neck knit ($35), a leopard-print horse hair belt ($25), marcusite and onyx earings ($18), entry ($10) and the most wonderful shoes on the planet. They are 1970/80’s vintage Gucci platform heels and they are on my bookshelf so I can look at them when I am in my loungeroom. Theyre silk and velvet and are the best $95 I have spent in some time. I’ll be featuring all of the new pretty things soon.


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