images and imaginings

Plane butts.

The view from the hotel hallway.


Facade of a carpark building, Rundle St Mall.

Iron Man sculpture, Glenelg beachfront.

Pig in a bin sculpture in the main mall. Background juxtaposition…

Sad Cafe in Glenelg. Total hipsterville. Good coffee, Frankie Mag, next to a hairdresser/vintage shop, with a Beetle car with a tree growing through the roof parked on the curb. The did, however, put their macaroons in the fridge…unforgivable, really.

Super cute house in Rose St, Glenelg. In fact, most of the houses in Adelaide were cute. Plenty of sandstone and all built around 50’s-60’s with  Germanic flavour. People seem to take more pride in their houses over that way. So many manicured lawns!

Street art.

A pancake diner. Which is what Pancake Parlour used to look like, until it got busy, and clean…

Paddle boats on the Torrens.

The underside of a particularly pretty bridge.

A particularly pretty bridge.

A panda. Eating 10cm diameter bamboo. What a crunch it made…


A shrew!!  it was so cute I wanted to eat it…

The view from one bit of the room.

The view from the top of a very high hill on a very hot day bike ride…

A swan. In the ocean. Rockpool on the ocean side of Pt. Nepean. Odd, but he seemed happy.

Contemplative bikeriding gear at Point Nepean. Yep, $6 polo and $7 leggings from Myer. Hot.

Exterior of hospital building.

This place really does look like the set on Shutter Island…

Through the window into the luggage disinfecting room.


Photo through the window of the old boiler room for the shower wing.

Gates to the disinfecting ward.

Arbor of pines at the Quarantine Station at Point Nepean.

Laneway at a $6M property on the main drag in Sorrento.

Pretty little Mornington harbour.

So, SO much bakelite..the lady whose stall it was has a Masters in Early Plastics…these pretty spacers were $45 EACH. le sigh.

Amazing 30’s beaded kimono pyjamas.

Fan laced corset. Just out of reach…

So much bakelite and lucite…The gold and tortoiseshell traps in the back are actually solid lucite belts…fragile, somewhat.

A gorgeous blue 50’s party frock (TINY!) that reminded me of Love Vintage book.

Lemon creme picnic set.

‘whatya doing?’, ‘just hanging out on a bubble…’

Tiny little polka dot picnic setting for a dolls house. Alas.

Prettier pink powder pot.

Pretty glass birdies.

Gorgeous glass bangles at Tyabb.

That’s right – a glass bowl of cupie baby doll heads at the Tyabb antiques market. The only thing more yucky is slugs.

The view from the hotel room.

More eeps at Rye foreshore carnival.



My grandma’s Christmas tree.

My parent’s Christmas tree.

Williamstown The Way We Wear Vintage Fair.

Very pretty (and small!) mushroom lace and silk 50’s cocktail dress with a velvet ribbon. Williamstown The Way We Wear Vintage Fair.

Phenomenal German bakelite butter knife stand. There was also one of these in black and chrome. Too dear though. Williamstown The Way We Wear Vintage Fair.

Tall roses.

Petal 2 at the Victorian State Rose Garden. Couldn’t have asked for a better day.  (Well, I could’ve, but I wouldn’t have got it)

Haul at the local Brotherhood of St Laurence. I won’t go into details about the MARVELOUS 1950’s dinner table and chairs in pastel blue, yellow and pink that had rhinestones on the handles…that was sold…sigh. I left my name and number in case for some bizarre reason it falls through.

Great Puccini record box set with an image that reminds me of Aubrey Beardsley, $1.

Sunny yellow pyrex casserole dish perfect for, um, casseroles… $1

Glass water jug and single glass with oranges printed, $1.

Navy and red wool skirt from Fletcher Jones, late 40s, $4.

Fantastic care labels on inside of skirt.

It once belonged to K. Skafte.


Friday in Fitzroy – gallery opening and Indian.

Saturday. Sunstroke, cider and burgers.

A weekend bikeride round my new ‘hood.

Sexy law abider…

The mighty Marybynong.

Arch at the Pipe Makers worker’s garden. A total treasure made in the 50’s and 60’s by the mainly Mediterranean migrants, and renovated in 1995 with lots of beautiful mosaics, and re-branded as the Living Museum of the West. Sits alongside huge blue stone sheds that were a meat preserving centre. Who would have known?

Mosaic and daisies.

Meat preserving leftovers.

Archway made of old pipes and covered in grape vine.

Honeysuckle that covered the archway.

Huge wall surrounding the garden.

Giant fig tree. Mental note to self to return and pillage figs in 1 month’s time.

Names engraved into the fig tree. Aaww.

Cocktails and mock job interviews. Pressed tin, flaky ceilings and train booths. Toff in Town.

Gin, rosewater, lemon and prosecco.


The real and surreal.

Bowing before her.


My flowers.


A rock that looks like a rabbit.

Picnic spot #1.

What things would have looked like.

Rest in peace Puffy.

Picnic under the posts at Point Nepean.

For a day that has me laughing aloud and crying at the stupidity whirling around this place.

Some beauty in it all.

One of each, please.

And from the fog of distance, they come.


Those who burned,

to the embers returned.

Flame, or douse?

Saturation of

decision of

residue of

having once decided.

Black soot

marks your new walls.

Pictures of the weekend.

Pictures from and of my home.

Note to self:

It is so, so nice to have the majority of my possessions in the one, slightly dusty and bubble wrap filled place.

Note to self:

Dreaming of being the main feature in a Victoria Beckham fashion show held in an airport hangar and running late because your John Galliano stiletto boot heel got stuck in the travelator makes it even harder to muster enthusiasm when ironing the only shirt apparent in your wardrobe for the past 6 months…

Touring around. Lovely craftiness. Some of the adorable handmade goods on offer here. Friendly staff, cow rugs, children’s books and soap.

A girly lunch at the last grimy diner (Soda Rock) in Melbourne, before it turns into luxury apartments.

Shiny tunes.



Hubcap special.

Things to remember before you go on duty. Staff shaking their tail feather. Where all the music theater grads end up.

Winter on the coast.

The view of Melbourne along the roadside.

Barn window at the Point Cooke Homestead.

Pony door-knocker.

Werribee gorge.

1920’s addition to the 1851 Point Cooke homestead.

An owl deterrent on a meat storage room.

Windvane telling me to get inside and put another coat on…

Walls of the Werribee mansion.

Library at the Mansion.

Reading through old emails makes me feel like bible paper.


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