getting hitched

Thank goodness.

The lists are done! The invitations are printed, and the envelopes have gone to the lovely designer Daniella Germain for their stamping and name writing.  We’ve chosen a 2-sides (x and y axis) design for the front of the envelope, with a name stamp on the back. I just bought $120 worth of stamps. Le sigh. Funny how you become desensitized to $100’s of dollars.

She does some amazing things, like this (handmade paper flowers),


(Image ‘borrowed’ from Daniella’s site. cough.)

and it’s an honour to be one of the first customers for her fledgling wedding invitation design business Paper Pinwheel. 

You’ll see the finished result soon.

Lately there has been a lot about lists. Short lists, long lists and thankfully, no lists of lists yet.

Plodding about on the internet, lulled into a false sense of security with the ‘download our ultimate wedding planning spreadsheet here’, I clicked and downloaded.

But I don’t really care  about rehearsals & who my back-of-chair-bow-supplier is, so I built my own, pared back spreadsheet.

It has a tab for invitees, with addresses, ages of children, and email addresses. It tallies itself up so I can see how many guests there are and how many invitations I need to send.

There is a tab for Suppliers, Budget, Dress, Ring, Venues and ‘to do’.

Most of the data is comparative, and a collection of quotes and hyperlinks. At one stage, I was even collecting PDF quotes and emails and hyperlinking out to them, but that’s all a bit hard, so I got rid of it.

This spreadsheet is keeping me sane. Yay for excel.

so this is a page about planning a wedding.

my wedding.

our wedding.

it’s not all champagne and roses, but this will be a page of thoughts, inspiration, ranting, sanity, and hopefully, some good ideas.


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