The Pub

Funny how something as small as a punctured tyre can change the course of your night.

When we got off the train to ride home, husband had a flat tyre. Whether it was ‘Grumpy Man’ who parks his bike ruefully next to us taking his lame vengeance on us for ‘stealing’ his prime park, or a rogue nail wrong way up on the road, we’ll never know, but it sure as heck was flat.

And I was hungry. Real hungry. And it was hot.

So instead of walking the bikes home, and cooking something when we got there, we punctuated the journey with a pit stop at the pub.

Now, when I say this is an old fashioned Australian pub, shy of shotguns leaning on the front fence and roo-bars on all the utes, its’ as stereotypically old fashioned Arstraaaylian as you get.

Which is why, when we, with our Danish designer bikes, short hair on a girl dear god, and dove grey pinstripe suit on a man, rocked up, the locals thought it a bit of a novelty.

We strutted in past the bar with an air of false-belonging, and we gingerly sat down in the bistro section and we waited. And we soaked it all in. The red and white check tablecloths, wilting plastic geraniums, cow hides pinned to the walls, beer stained carpet underfoot, heatstruck blowflies banging their heads against the glass windows, and we kinda for a moment felt like we were in Pulp Fiction.

The waitress sauntered over in her tootighttooshortthenagainIwouldifIhadherlegs dress and gave us our menus.

Husband lost the telepathic coin-toss and went to the bar for the first round. I fanned myself with the menu, smiled into space,  and listened to the only other customers debate who their favourite contestant on The Biggest Looser is.

Twenty minutes later, he returned from the bar…with a big grin and the statement ‘they’re all lovely’. He’d managed to not only make friends with the publican, but also the local blokes, one of who was still the ‘newbie’ after 10 years.

We sat, and ate our steak and parma, and wondered if this place would be our new local. They all waved us goodbye on the way out to wheel the bikes back.I think it may just be. 


4 Comments to “The Pub”

  1. Was it an excellent country parma also? Local pubs can be awesome 😀 Yay for the locals being so welcoming!

  2. it was ok, I wouldn’t go as far as excellent, but we were SO hungry it kinda just got inhaled 🙂

  3. I knew you could write. It just seemed logical. Looking forward to reading again. How was the heatwave for you ?

  4. haha. yes, before I was doing ‘fashion’ crap I was a writer. did writer’s festivals and even won a few awards way back when 🙂
    heatwave is hideous -days interspersed with cold showers and resuscitating what plants we have left in the garden. 😦 hope it gets less furnace-y soon!

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