country cleaning

I like cleaning.

More to the point, I like things to be clean.

I  like waking up and padding over to the kitchen to boil the green kettle and make the brown tea, when there aren’t itty bitty little shards of toast rind sticking to my socks and I can see out the window without tilting my head to see past the grime.

Below are some things I have recently learnt about making what was a very dirty house in the country into a very clean (bleach scented) house in the country.

– tiles that initially appear blue in parts, are often blue in entirety, when scrubbed on hands and knees by a husband with a large bottle of Jiff and a bucket of hot water.

– the suckedupinsidethefilterbag contents of your vacuum cleaner will change from containing fine grey urban inner-city smog dust, to a thick soup of random bits of twigs, spiders, ants, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, ants eating spiders. Tasty.

– you will consider it a success when you can say that only one type of arachnid dropped on your head from a blind or ceiling fan. Well, that you noticed, anyway.

– Bunnings will become your favourite store and you will spend a ludicrous sum of money on drawer sachets, outdoor and indoor bug spray, and carpet beetle killer potions. And your friends will start buying you bulk boxes of Pine o Clean wipes from Costco. And you will think this is the most fantastic gift ever.

Anyway, the journey continues.

At least by the time my first Ballan CWA branch meeting comes around, my oven will be clean enough to bake scones in!


2 Comments to “country cleaning”

  1. When you join the CWA we shall have a bake-off! Or not necessarily a competitive thing – just an excuse to bake and then EAT CAKE. Yessssss

  2. hell yes! we can have the Ballan-bake off. and we can be the participants and judges. packet cakes allowed too! 🙂

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