returns, departures and waiting lounges.





So I’m back. Back in the swing of things.

This time is different though. No more selfies, vintage dress lust and vapid open-mouthed side-tilting-stares.

As much as my ego can help it, that is.

Here will be attempted a space for more genuine things and for cataloguing change, rather than glorifying it though old fabric.

Things that matter now. Like sunsets, good friends, sunrises, optimism, and making a nest of our own in a new tree in a small townlet called Ballan.

The last year has been big, and we still have a long way to go.

We’ve married, bought a house and moved in to it.

Along with a room full of Stuff. Stuff that will be slowly but surely sold off, on ebay, etsy, at the Camberwell and Ballan markets.

And then we can clear space for new Moments, and not more Stuff.

Here’s to minimalism of materialism, and maximalism of experiencialism.

if it isn’t a word, it should be.


4 Comments to “returns, departures and waiting lounges.”

  1. Great to see you back- Have missed your posts. Best Wishes and I will keep a lookout- Yes you still have an audience !

  2. good to hear from you Mr B – how’s southbank treating you?

  3. hahaha. yeah, I guess I did 🙂

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