things for sale, #1

First set of items for sale. (yay!)

These will all go on ebay and etsy, unless sold prior. Please contact me for prices, or make an offer!

1. 1940’s grey silk and wool patterned riding jacket with black velvet trim and glass buttons. Pink/beige silk lining and hip swag.

Waist: 37 cm, Bust: 45 cm, Hip: 43.5, Length: 58.5, Arm length: 30cm (all to be doubled)

2. Beige/oatmeal linen 40’s suit with lucite buttons and the most amazing collar ever.

Jacket Bust: 45 cm, Hip on Jacket: 49cms, Skirt Length: 68cms, Jacket length: 56cms (all to be doubled)

3. Black and white velvet trimmed 60’s cotton weave (?) suit.

Jacket Bust: 48 cm, Hip on Jacket at base: 47cms, Skirt Length: 57.5, Skirt waist: 34cms, Jacket length 52cms, (all to be doubled)


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