things I wore in the last few days

80’s does 50’s blue and purple stained-glass cotton 50’s dress.

Red belt, gifted.

Wooden green snake-skin bangles, gifted.

This was an outfit to cure a craving for wearing a petticoat in winter. Worn with stockings and a singlet under.

Amazing bright kittenbow shirt, made by the very talented Kitty.


4 Comments to “things I wore in the last few days”

  1. Yay you’re wearing it!! Mwa!! :-)))

  2. Course! Just haven’t taken a pic yet. Xxx

  3. I LOVE the stained glass pattern on that dress! You’re looking fab as always.

    Also: Sorry you never heard back from me about those vintage dresses! I forwarded the pictures to my bridesmaid, who will be wearing a vintage dress for my wedding and I thought might dig them, and I guess she kind of fell off the map about it. I think she might have suspected the dress wouldn’t fit her, and felt bashful about it. 🙂

  4. hi kitten, thanks. yeah, its a pretty rad pattern. I have a feelings its 80’s does 50’s, but either way, its fun to wear. no worries about the dresses. I can send you a list of the sizings if you want. there is a wide range of stuff (smaller and larger sizes too) so she needn’t feel bashful 🙂 how’s all the planning going?

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