things I wore to keep warm in the past 3 days

For some reason, when I wore this outfit my colleagues were amusingly unable to see the day out with speaking to me in terrible ‘French’ accents. Yep, all class.

Big, boofy and warm. Cotton 50’s skirt, singlet and cashmere mint sweater with wool cardigan over the top. Worn with orange belt and new green lucite bangle of wonderfullness.

An accompanying hair-do.

Accompanying scarf.

Snooty secretary hair.

40’s ballernia print dress


2 Comments to “things I wore to keep warm in the past 3 days”

  1. I LOVE all of this — especially the nipped-waist cardi and your PERFECTLY positioned beret! I feel like every time I’ve ever worn a beret, I’ve spent hours of my life trying to get it at just the right angle, and never succeeding! ;D

  2. thanks lovely! I usually struggle with beret-placement too…This time I just laid it flat, and hair pinned from inside, rather than making it sit ‘up’ or wearing it around my head, if that makes sense. it seemed to work. uttering lots of french swear words helps too…

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