things I wore and saw in Sydney

Roofline in Enmore where we were staying.

New jacket opped from Salvos in Adelaide, pink knit from a vintage market, beads gifted and scarf opped.

The wonderful balcony at Tara.

Cotton dress, made by me. Knit cardigan, etsy. Plastic beads, gifted. Scarf (in hair), opped. This was worn with flat red shoes and my new woven plastic and bamboo handled bag!

Blueberry, vanilla and lavender creme tart, and watermellon, strawberry and pistachio sponge cake….Dear lordy they were good. From a busy little hipster pastry shop at the back of the garden infront of the Newtown train station.

You’d have to be a real dingbat to not be able to grow plants in Sydney. Everything was so lush.

The bridge! Me in a red cotton wiggle dress, silk scarf and sunglasses.

The outfit which I wore to dinner at Rockpool Bar and Grill. The venue was an enormous old Art Deco structure, and I dressed to match. Black jersey drapey 30’s style wrap dress, bought in Highpoint for $10! Leopard coat, etsy. Worn wtih black beaded 30’s clutch, silver and black suede shoes, Hair pin worn as a brooch on the left shoulder, and my hair done in a 30’s wave tuck style thingy, at Doppelganger Hair in Newtown. The place is mint green, fairyfloss pink, and has a resident cat!

The loungeroom at Tara.

Street art in Newtown.

The Newtown town Hall. Which was opposite the bakery.

Lovely town houses with great wrought iron windows in the backstreets of Enmore.

Us. Who got engaged. (YAY!)


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