things I wore since last time I was un-lazy enough to update the blog…

White 40’s style knit, bought some time ago. Maroon suede belt and grey wool jacket, opped. Burgundy plastic necklace, gifted. Worn on the first real day the temperature crashed into Autumn. Feel that I’ll be wearing a lot of berry shades this Autumn.

And then back to 25 and sunny..Cotton navy, red and creme graphic print dress. Made by me last year (and then packed in a box because I was too lazy to fix them hem. It’s finally fixed now.) Navy and white (which is now an awful shade of pink, after I washed it in the wrong load…) cardigan, opped. Ivory necklace, country Vic somewhere.

Simple hair for a day off at coffee shops. Kinda tucked under and pinned. It all fell out on the way back, due to the Arctic wind, but I was full of coffee and didn’t mind at all. Worn with red cotton dress, striped skiivy, polka dot jacket and green scarf. And boots, importantly.

The dress.

Parroty. Silk dress, Malaysia. Red Lilli Ann coat, etsy.

Big hair.

Blue scarf. A result of washing all of my washable-wools over a 2 day period in readiness for winter. The weather responded with warm and sunny. Ah well, at least it is all dry!


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