things I wore last between returning from Adelaide, and now.

Work outfit with new 50’s platic shinies from Adelaide, Red Ruby Vintage.

Black cotton shift dress, Sorrent op-shop. Black cardigan, gifted. Silk headscarf, gifted.

Work outfit #2. Pink and red 50’s button front house dress with tiny gold detailing and an awesome collar and sleeves, gifted. Petticoat with applique roses, opped. Worn with pink cardigan and hatpin to close the slightly-not-appropriate-for-work fold front…

Play outfit. Off to see the Grace Kelly exhibition in Bendigo. Which was ok. Lots of nice dresses, total drivel written on the ‘information plaques’ and lots of rude elderly gallery-goers. People need to chill out.

Mustard skirt, opped. Wrap sheer polka dot top, opped for $3 in an Adelaide church opshop. Leopard jacket, etsy. Worn with singlet, tights and black court shoes. Funnily enough, my charming partner-in-vintage-crime Kitty’s Drawings, wore the same colour combo.

Big hair.

Which by the end of the day, dinner at my parent’s house, had unwound itself to be cartoon-like.

Prettier. Pink on pink.


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