things I did in Adelaide – a lazy look at vintage offerings….

Whilst in Adelaide, I went on a small exploration of the vintage clothing offerings.

This is what I found.

Colourful offerings at Rewind Vintage on Jetty Road. The store-person here was charming, let me take photos and use his computer to look up a local burger joint…The store was a blend of ‘premium’ op-shop items and a small section of mainly 70’s vintage at the back. The store was large and clean and prices reasonable (most dresses $80-$100, shirts $40-$60).

One of my favourite maxi dresses, pastel pink sorbet sunray pleat thingy.

Ski jackets galore..

Some pretty awesome pants.

A wild dress with the oddest puffiest sleeves…

On the whole, it’s amazing to see the difference in prices. Most 50’s party dresses that are $200-$300 in Melbourne are max $180 in Adelaide. The rent must be so low…

The next stop was Relax into Vintage, at the Myer Centre, which was again, predominantly 70’s stock, but a few standouts inlcuded the fact that it’s a coffee shop complete with 50’s sofas, tables and mags, and an enormous floor length Danish blue fox fur coat made in Korea and bought in LA. Lovely staff but a bit cluttered and no music and on the second level of a pretty bleak shopping centre.

I also went to the Red Cross on Rundle Mall (some great bargains, books and records too), Red Ruby Vintage (stunning selection of well priced 20’s – 80’s women’s wear and informative owner who went out of her way to have a long conversation with me,  and write a list of other places to try), Clothes Line Saga (new local designer stuff and mostly 80’s stock in the basement below Club House Lane, with a great store lady who wrote a list of cool places to eat/drink), and the Red Cross in Jetty Road Glenelg, where I found some nearly unworn burgundy wool gloves, two ankle length black stretch cotton dresses and (only, how restrained!) bought a fabulous 80’s does 40’s Fletcher Jones navy and creme polka dot blazer for $25.

Club House Lane vintage is in what I prsesume is the ‘funky’ end of Rundle Mall, Rundle Road. It reminded me of Gertrude St, with it’s hipster cafes and nightclubs.

The store lady was super sweet and had a puppy in a basket (!!!!) with an extremely well laid out store and was keen to chat. The stock was again, mostly 70’s-80’s, but there was a tiny caramel brown 40’s looking wool knit dress and a few 60’s lace cocktail dresses.

Other places to try, that I didn’t get to are

Two Bit Villains, CBD

Honey Hive Emporium, Prospect

Exclusive Vintage Fashion, Prospect

Dresses and Drawers, Port Road

Leibe, Glenelg

Nadia’s House of Serendipity, Glenelg

Push Pin, Compton St, CBD.

Have fun!


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