things I wore since I busted my old camera and I got a new one…

A new red flower, Sportsgirl, 95c. Creme wool 40’s dress suit, etsy.

For a rainy walk to breakfast and opshops.

Creme trench, opped.

Wool navy and red plaid skirt, opped.

Red blouse, Malaysia.

Stockings, dunno.

Shoes, Cinori outlet store.

Necklace and bracelets, opped.

Handbag, etsy.

Floral frilly rayon wrap top, gifted.

Pink wool and gold beaded cardigan, gifted.

Pink hair flower, Sportsgirl.

Worn with mustard linen skirt, opped, a pink pleather belt, Forever New.

Black leather shoes and bag.

Nautical Thursday.

Cardigan, opped.

Headband, Made in Melbourne Design market.

Close up of the what-was great wavy hair. Pin curl set with lotion, headscarf and brushed out. Sprayed and then rolled on one side. Pinned on the other. Lasted a walk in the rain and then dramatically died….


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