things I did in the last day.

blew up my camera battery charger.

a bang, spark, puff of smoke and the plug blew clear off the cord, tripped a switch and had me considering upping my life insurance.

please stay tuned whist i find an alternative, less lethal image capturing device.


2 Comments to “things I did in the last day.”

  1. Dang! Maybe you can get a new battery/charger without having to get a whole new camera? I once managed to lose my camera battery and ordered a new one on Ebay. Good luck!

  2. yah, the one from ebay was the one that blew up…serves me right for being a cheapskate, I guess. 🙂 still, $60 genuine charger for a $200 5 yr old camera kinda stinks. how’s the chateau going? the photos are great.

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