things I wore 28th january

Things to wear when it’s 35 celcius, 95 farrenheit and you have to public transport it in the middle of the day.

Sunsceen. Lots of it. The best you can afford. On everything, even the bits you don’t think of. Like toes, ears, backs of knees and under your chin. Trust me. Cursed pokey-out ears….

Linen shorts, really short ones with buttons up the side. Outlet store, Swanston st.

Linen kaftan shirt thing your mother wore when she was a hippy and is in remarkable condition, with pretty embroidery.

A hat, $10 from the Vic Market, after losing the nice on the same day I bought it off a yacht (it sank fast).

Sandals, sunglasses, deodorant and extra perfume because you will get sticky and icky. And good hairspray on a pony tail as you’ll be taking your hat off all day and your hair will get gross.

And lots of water.


2 Comments to “things I wore 28th january”

  1. The hat is lovely! Just the thing for this hot sunny weather we are having.


  2. Hiya Michelle,
    Thanks! It’s a cheapie from the Vic Market. It’s nylon, but crushable and washable! 🙂

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