things I wore…once upon a time. a tribute.

Having no money


having too many clothes I wear too infrequently


onselling them (incidentally, whilst I am lining up a buyer, offers are accepted!)


sad times.


a tribute to their stories.

Oh the things I buy that are badly measured…Gloriously heavy black cotton overalls from Etsy. Too tight around the waist and only ever worn out one breathless time. I replaced the hideous buttons with nice 40’s silver glass ones and shortened the straps. They have little buttons at the waist, a super high back and gently balooning legs. I hope they find a nice (thinner) home.

Super fun 80’s does 50’s Mexicana cotton picnic dress. I can’t remember where this one came from, but its puffy sleeves were too tight and its length wrong for me. I took out the nasty black shoelace that laced the corset front and replaced it with creme silk ribbon. Worn to a particularly lovely picnic in the middle of classes in second year uni. Sun, champagne, Turkish bread and faded Polaroids.

Beautiful Japanese autumn/Hawaiian cotton 60’s dress. Reminds me of caramel origami, with a bodice that is cut, pleats gathers and then falls again. Never really fit right. Bought on a solo trip interstate from a dress shop at the back of a CD store.

Nice 80’s does 40’s crepe poly shirt with mother-of-pear buttons. Too tight on bust. Gift from mumsy from an opshop. Worn with grey/blue Lilli Ann skirt and 40’s hair. Safetypinned the gaping bust together and then the buttons popped. Oopsies.

Zany Hawaiian muumuu. I think it was a maternity dress, but it looks ace with a big wide red leather belt at waist, red lips, red shoes. Summer in baking brick courtyards, gardening and having the whole thing slide off shoulders and blow up on a windy day in town.

Heavy beige and orange cotton/linen 60’s mini dress. Super cute, but just a bit too short to be comfortable. Also don’t think beige suits me. Purchased with breathless excitement with an armful of other dresses at the local theatre sale. Comes with a matching waistband and lots of sass.

Poly sundress with three buttons on the back thatΒ  never really fit my back. Two tone with white and sky-blue raindrop pattern. Making dinner for family in Denmark. European summer and warm white wine.

Handmade by me (badly, oh so badly and quickly) maxi skirt. Psychadelic 60’s fabric. Sewed at the ASRC women’s club. I stitched it too long, couldn’t walk in it and it sat on my hips, which I really, really cant’ cope with. Want to unpick it all and make pillows but am too lazy.

Long sleeved 70’s poly house dress. Great wintry pattern, but never the right cut. Cute little black buttons on one shoulder and a really nice drape. Remember wearing this to work without a slip, and realising it was quite a bit sheer.

Thankyou to all these things for wearing well. I’ll miss you.


3 Comments to “things I wore…once upon a time. a tribute.”

  1. Um, I think I might have just deleted my comment instead of posting it. So sorry if this is repetitive, but I just wanted to give you a shot of moral support: every time I’ve neared tears parting with items during a closet purge, I’ve found myself feeling totally fine afterward. I’ve never regretted parting with anything — it’s almost always good to get rid of a handful now and then. You’ll always have the good times you had together. πŸ™‚

  2. aaw. thankyou sweetness. that’s entirely true, I know. Its just usually when I purge the wardrobe I can go and fill it with new shiny things, but I’m broke, so this time it’s just a big space 😦 Not used to it yet, but must remember Purging good, hoarding bad. repeat ad-nauseum… πŸ™‚ How’s the new Chateau du Cammila? πŸ™‚

  3. ooh, and just went to get a coffee, thought of your coffee habits – do you guys have these over in the states? they’re rad, don’t taste like plastic, cut down on waste, and you can even design your own!

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