things I wore 11th january

Odd ain’t it that good hair involves it being filthy?

You will need.

3 day unwashed hair

boofy foam sausage thingy (from hair shop. $7 or so)

hair pins, decorative clips should you be that way inclined

hairspray (I like the shiny ones)

Part in middle (watch your limp grubby hair fall limply…)

Brush front chunk (pal width) upwards, wrap around 2 fingers, scroll in towards your head, take fingers out and replace with hairpins, tilting the roll a bit.

Repeat other side, making as even as you can.

Brush back section into a smooth ponytail. hold in one hand. place foam sausage ontop (pony tail underneath) twist hair arounds sausage until sausage rolls up and is gathered at nape of neck.

Squish the ends of the sausage into a curve up towards ears, pin it all in, ‘specially at sides, shuffle hair out across sausage to cover ends.

Pin and hairscpray the crap outta it.

Oatmeal dress suit, etsy.

Leopard print velveteen 60′ coat (so good on a cold day)

Worn with red patent heels, red umbrella, red plastic ring.


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