things I wore 20th october

So this is my atire for a corporate golf day.

I don’t really do exerciser-wear. I was going to stretch it and buy a pair of plimsoles, but nothing as open, so loafers it is.

Amazing white cotton highwaisted capris, Sorrento op-shop, $2. Morrisey, and without so much as a mark on them. I love rich old people who have to many clothes.

I was initially wearing these with a pink, orange and yellow watercolour 50’s blouse thing, but it really is 5 inches too short (with a nice gap between pants and blouse) for work. Weekend it is.

Cotton shirt, H+M, years ago. It’s on its last legs and is impregnated with the smell of 5 summers of sunscreen…

Headscarf, opped. Ring,Malaysia.


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