things I wore 13th september

Pre-coffee face…

A delightful morning of vinyl belts, boysenberry pastries, great coffee and ranunculi.

Leopard print ruffle blouse, gifted. Red vinyl belt, op shop on the cost ($1), grey skirt, outlet store. (This skirt is currently driving me crazy. The lining is slippery and the skirt tight, so the fabric rides up, exposing the lining at the bottom a good two inches. Grr..)

Worn with red booties, wool cardigan, spotted cropped jacket and gloves.

In the flower picture are all my desk essentials. Disinfectant wipes (grotty builders and couriers), coffee pot, headphones, black and white pictures of various uni’s all over the world that were handed to me in a beat-up old photo album by a contractor. They are pictures from a ‘study tour’ in the 60’s, by a rather good amateur photographer.


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