things I wore 24th july

Red and turquoise silk dress, copied from a fuscia dress I got on etsy, at ourteaparty

They did such a good job on this one – it’s a really complicated pattern with a bow on the shoulder, a  crossed front, and lots of Romanesque draping stuff that comes down from the shoulder to waist.

Red top (worn underneath as it’s too cold for silk) Malaysia.

Worn with green jacket, blue scarf, green shoes and black tights.

An interesting conversation with an elderly ‘South Yarra’ dame on the tram. She was wearing a marvelous treacle coloured sheep wool coat, liked my hair clip (but refused to take it – I offered it as a gift. hell, she loved it that much, I can buy another one for $3) and needed someone to talk to. I hope I get old enough to wear fuchsia lipstick crookedly.


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