things I wore 21st july

Crisp, well tailored red cotton makes me unfathomably happy.

Red dress, Malaysia, $50 tailored from a copy (the blue cotton wiggle/tiki dress).

Cardigan, part of a set, etsy.

Belt, gifted.


2 Comments to “things I wore 21st july”

  1. Love the Orange-Its my favourite colour-Excellent for these winter days and with a hint of the change of season, which I can feel.

    Also really like the through the keyhole photographs. It’s always good for the eye to let it imagine the rest based on what it can see. There must be a word for it and its not ‘voyeur’. Ok maybe it is, but I mean it in the sense of it being the start of something instead of being an unwelcome intrusion.

    Love your Work

  2. Hi Adam, The orange/red is my new favourite too – I am just terrified that when I first wash it it will leach….
    The ‘keyhole’ idea is a nice way of looking at it. All it is in reality is the small mirror in the lift and the camera reflection! I don’t have a tripod, or elsewhere to sit the camera to take a ‘full outfit’ shot, so the voyeurism is a necessity, much less an artistic choice!
    Have a lovely Thursday. See you round.

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