things I wore 7th june

A senior male staff member ‘Is that Allanah Hill?’

Once I recomposed myself from the shock of hearing a man who has never expressed any visible or verbal interest in anything remotely connected to fashion (and for an overly long period of time mispronounced my name)  mention A LABEL (!),

‘No, it’s not. I can’t afford Allanah Hill,  (heavy with subtext) its a Savlos mishmash special. But good guess.’

Cardigan, Friends of Couture, $20.

Beige corduroy skirt with black printing and a slit which is way too revealing for work, Kinki Gherlinki garage sale many years ago.

Creme 40’s style wool knit, closing down Danish designer imports store, $40.

White plastic flower cocktail ring with a diamante in the middle (trashy, and what of it?), $2.

Worn with butterfly silk scarf, matte red lipstick from Coral Colours, pink ruffled roses dress slip, boots and black coat.

It’s cold.


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