things I wore between 3rd and 6th june

Community halls in the outer suburbs, 1930’s dance bands, women with plastic pot plant hats, soul music in a trades hall, celebrities singing (badly) jazz standards and the obligatory Sunday vacuuming…

Red woolen cardigan $4, garage sale.

Silk floral skirt, makret, $10.

White woolen tights, Essendon outlet store, $9.

Bangles, gifted.

Red floral cocktail ring, Friends of Couture, $10.

Red faux suede booties, Cinori outlet store $25.

Orange wool 60’s dress, Clara Fox, $30.

(Which reminds me, does anyone out there in blog-land know how a sure fire way to get rid of  smells in the armpits of a wool acetate lining? I have had it dry cleaned twice, handwashed it twice with wool wash and Febreeze-d the crap out of it and still no luck….)

Bangles, Forever New and vintage store.

Ring, $2 shop in Malaysia. (Which broke the first time I wore it, but was fixed with some superglue…)

Leopard print velveteen 60’s Lawrence of London coat, WhippingCupcakes, $50.

White patent 60’s style handbag, Olga Berg outlet store, $9. (And the come in red and black! Yeah, run…)

Woolen tights, Essendon outlet store, $9.

Black suede and patent leather, Leona Edmiston leather soled platform shoes, Savlos, $20. (Note to self: Even though these shoes are undeniably glorious and you should wear them forever and ever, they will make your feet hurt if you wear them to dinner and three concerts in a row, two of which dancing will occur at and all three which will involve standing in a queue in the cold. Silly girl)


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