things I wore 31st may

Fog, frost and vanilla white chocolate muffins.

Handmade glass turquoise swalllow earrings, Love Vintage fair, $10. (I only bought this and a fake lucite/peal pink floral cocktail ring – etsy has ruined by perception on what is a reasonable price to charge for vintage. $300 for a dowdy and piling wool day dress is ludicrous.)

Longchamp silk scarf, North Melb vintage market, $10.

Black wool swing cardigan¬† (well, it had one button at the top but I lost it and haven’t replaced it, hence it is a swing cardigan…), gifted.

Red ruffle top, Penang. $8.

Black pencil skirt, outlet store on Swanston, $30.

Green wool jacket, gifted.

Silk scarf, gifted.


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