things I wore between 29th april and 9th may

A holiday in the tropics.

Silk, cotton and sandals. Hats, red nail-polish and a vat of 30+ sunscreen.

Black and white cotton knock-off Louis Vuitton 50’s style dress, $10, outlet store. (There was a massive square chunk out of the back, but I rehemmed it 15cms shorter, leaving the black slip as the new hemline. hussy) Wrn with red plastic rose ring, Friends of Couture, $10 and red leather belt from somewhere.

50’s cotton floral dress with V-neck at the back, vintage store in Sweden.

Turquoise and white Indian silk 40’s style ruffle dress with buttons and bows, $10 outlet store (again, had a butchered hem which mumsy magnificently repaired). Worn with black and white widebrim hat, $6 Victoria Market. Red patent leather loafers, Dianna Ferrari outlet, $30 or so.

Navy, red and white polka dot silk wiggle dress, salvaged from opshop in DK by mumsy and gifted. Worn with red patent leather handbag, etsy, jobella. $23, white 50’s style repro leather Victoria Costes shoes.

1980’s does 1940’s silk three quarter sort-of Japanese style dres, etsy, MsTips, $11. Worn with gorgeous white and silver enamel ring, gifted and amazing red patent leather (I sense a theme…) wedges with love hearts and dangly bits!, Firoucci, $30.

And then back to cold reality.

1950’s print cotton high-waisted circle skirt with built in petticoat, $35.

Black longsleeved cotton stretch skivvy, $10.

Wool riding jacket, gifted.

Olive leather bow shoes, Cinori, $10.

Black stockings, Leona Edmiston.

Blue angora and wool scarf, Australian sheep and wool festival.


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