things I wore between the 18th and 27th april

Black hair. Finally.

Easter. Goat on a spit, weak sunshine and heatbreak.

Black hair, Mancuso, Wella Blue-Black done by Georgia.

Silver grey double buttoned front shirt dress, Leona Edmiston, outlet in Greville st.

Fake marcusite and onyx ring and bracelet, Diva.

Polkadot crop jacket (which hopefully I didn’t kill by throwing in the wash when it said ‘dryclean only’….), gifted.

Scarf, Longchamp via North Melbourne vintage fair.

Black cardigan, 1869 Black Friday, Alanah Hill outlet store. $30 or so. Its wool, beaded and lined in silk. Hell yeah.

Purple polka dot silk scarf, gifted.

German wool riding jacket, gifted. Silk scarf, opped.

Tights, bottom drawer, shoes, Cinori factory outlet.

Linen 1940’s highwaisted pencil skirt, part of set, etsy.


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