things I wore 30th and 31st march


Animals. Dead and velvety.And fake.


The lady at the cafe stopped me to ask if she could pat my coat. She looked embarrassed, but eager. We held up the line with a patting session….Its velveteen. I have no idea what this is, but it is divine and I want a bedspread made out of it. Infact, all my clothing should be made of it.

Velveteen leopard print coat with big fat leather buttons, 1960’s Lawrence of London , etsy (Whipping Cupcakes), $50.


Another delicious winter item.

Black wool (but not scratchy, soft and smooth) 40’s inspired 80’s dress. Gold buttons, BELOW THE KNEE! with a convertible collar. I have been looking for a wool knit dress for months, but they are so old, and so dear, and this one was so new, and so shiny….

Calvin Klein knit dress, etsy, SartorialSplendor, $35.


White shirt/blouse (what the hell is the difference anyway?) with black pinstripe and ruffles, gifted.

Leopard print horsehair belt, vintage fair.

Black (or darkest navy) pencil skirt, gifted.

Black cashmere cardigan, DK. (I know, I said I wouldn’t wear it out of the house again, unless I was cast as a street urchin in a play, but its COLD in the mornings now, and I need a replacement…sob)



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