things I wore 24th march

A night out for dessert with a gal that turned in to a (slightly overdressed) night in with delicious wine.


Lana Turner cotton twill pants, angora keyhole collared rhinestone blouse, white beaded cardigan, olive green bow heels and white satiny socks.

Mink cape. Well, that is, I am almost sure its mink, it’s definitely some kind of plush, fine and soft fur, which is ludicrous, as the tag said ‘faux-fur’. My cat wants to attack it, it smells and looks like fur and leather, and feels it too. The wide, angular shoulders and the Chinoiserie silk lining makes me think 40’s…So 10 points to the op-shop lady who only charged me $25 for it…

On the topic of country-op shops who haven’t the foggiest – bakelite bangles. That’s right. In a box of bangles, I almost hyperventilated as I spied the carved one, and then went a bit loopy foraging for the rest. The divine shiny snake-print lacquer green one was a gift, and the red one I have had some time, but the others (carved black, milky green, thin mustard, and carved and wavy white) set me back a whole $20.

I love country Victorians.


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