things I wore between the 15th and 24th march


And I guess I’m back.


Olive green German riding jacket, gifted.

Charcoal wool shorts, $20, otulet store.

Scarf, pinched from someone who left it at work.

The best most supple and deliciously fitted  boots from Edward Meller that I should have bought 5 pairs of but they were so hideously expensive I would have died, Hermans, Melbourne Central. Lesson learned.

1960’s Japanese wool shift with a tie at the middle and keyhole neckline, Carlton Club vintage sale $10. The sleeves were so small though, that it sat on my mending pile for 2 years until my Godmother’s mother (who is a dressmaker) visited from Denmark and fixed it for me. Embarrassing…  (but at least I can fit my arms in it)

Worn with creme 60’s Japanese wool jacket, gifted.

Creme trench coat, opped, $7.

Worn with pink and tweed dress, $30  outlet store.

Green cotton cardigan, opped, $3.

Grey shoes, DK.

Scarf, gifted.

White and black striped cardigan, gifted.

Worn with stretchy and tight black highwaisted skirt, Events, $70.

White cross-over knit top, Events, $20.

Pink tights, dunno.

Black pleather Mary Janes, Salvos, $4.

Cropped swing jacket with polka dots, Peterpan collar and covered buttons, gifted.



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