things I wore variously between the 23rd february and 1st march


Cake, a new-old job, more cake, the autumn chill descending, and much thought.


Teal and black ‘peacock’ 70’s does 40’s dress, Paris food market (N.W.T from the bottom of a pile of clothes stuffed into black bin liner under a table…I dream of such finds. The mother of the stall owner had a lover who had a clothes shop in the 60’s, who hoarded things they didn’t sell, and they were selling them off at the market. I (whilst hyperventilating) bought the three best, for 20 euros all up. It cost me nearly this much to post them back as my suitcase was too full)


Black 50’s circle skirt, chrissyjosimpy5 etsy, $30. Grey t-shirt, Target, $10. Red belt, gifted. Red flower ring, Friends of Couture, $7.


Grey wool Jaeger 60’s safari jacket, with pink silk lining, $20 vintage market (with new buttons added by me).


Socks, Target, $5. Shoes, Rubi shoes, $5 (with added ribbons).


Salmon/pink cashmere top, $20 Williamstown vintage fair. Crazy hair that happens when you take the pins out.




2 Comments to “things I wore variously between the 23rd february and 1st march”

  1. Hi,

    I came across your site purely by chance (was perusing the interweb for images of spectacles for a project) and felt moved to comment (very rare for me). May I say what a delight it was to see someone with such delightful individuality and genuine style (not to say excellent taste) in a world so full of dull and shabby clones. Thank you for brightening my day.

    Ian Denyer

  2. Hi Ian,
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment – it in turn made my day! Glad to have made an impact with what I wear. In Melbourne we have slid rapidly into a cold Autumn, and I will be trying to conquer the masses of black-chic fashion that breaks out here for the winter months! Hope you have a lovely day, Kirsty.

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