things I wore 16th november


This is my alien skirt.

It doesn’t have any aliens on it at all, but I imagine that the pseudo-medieval print looks like aliens.

This makes me happy.


Softest cotton pink trench coat (closest I’ll get to wearing fairy-floss), $10 Salvos, new belt buckle by me.

‘Alien’ cotton 50’s atomic circle skirt, etsy, $30.

Black silk shirt, gifted via opp-shop.

Green belt, gifted via opp-shop.

Leather bag, gifted.

Faux leather wedges, Novo, $30.

Black bakelite hair clip, Flying Fishes, Lorne $9.


3 Comments to “things I wore 16th november”

  1. yah. me too! For some reason I reckon it looks like aliens, but there isn’t a single one on it…ah well. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Hi Nicole, Just wanted to say that the latest outfits on your blog are amazing – you are an inspiration to a gal living in ‘I only wear black’ Melbourne. Now that our weather has snapped into Autumn, I am trying hard to be as colourful as possible, to counterbalance the masses, and you are the benchmark of this! K.

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